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Day 12 of the World Cup marked the beginning of the end for the group stages, as a Neymar-inspired Brazil cruising past Cameroon and Mexico seeing off Croatia to book their place in the knockout stages in Group A.

First place was up for grabs in Group B, with the already-qualified Netherlands and Chile facing off in Sao Paulo, while down-and-out duo Spain and Australia also faced off.

Without further ado, here’s what we learned.

Like Veteran Gold

LvG put on a masterclass as his Holland side picked off Chile here in Sao Paulo.

It’s been written about more at length here but it was impressive how the Dutch adapted their gameplan for the third successive match with no problems and came away, once again, with all three points.

Facing criticism from the media back home, he can once again point to the results to vindicate himself, and it only took two questions in his post-match press conference before he was doing just that.

He is likely to make the Premier League a very interesting place next season, and Old Trafford a more successful one.


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