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A policeman was killed and 39 people including 14 police personnel were injured, when a remote control bomb detonated near a police van in Charsadda in the early hours of Tuesday.
Charsadda police chief Shafiullah Khan said the bomb was planted on a parked motorbike and was detonated when the police van, going from Charsadda Police Line to Charsadda prison on regular duty, crossed it.
Another police official Nawaz Khan told The Express Tribune that they had registered an FIR against unidentified militant.
He said Constable Nasir Ali succumbed to injuries in the hospital, while 13 police official and 26 civilian were injured as a result of the blast.
“It was a remote controlled homemade device of around 4 kg. The explosive also carried ball baring and cell, according to Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) official,” he added.
A police constable Muhammad Haneef, 25, who was injured in the blast, told The Express Tribune at hospital that when they reached Nowshehra road on their way to Charsadda Prison, he heard a huge blast and when he regained consciousness he was in the hospital.
The body of a militant – dressed in army fatigue – was found in a nullah in Badhaber area in early Tuesday morning. The police also found his severed hand on the road, adding that he died while trying to escape.
Suspects arrested
Badhaber police launched a search operation with the help of sniffer dogs in the area and arrested several people on suspicion.
Police arrested nine people from Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) in injured condition.


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