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An accountability court has granted former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf permanent exemption from appearing before it in the rental power projects (RPPs) case.
Wednesday’s hearing into the multi-billion rupee scam was presided over by Judge Muhammad Bashir.
Citing security threats, Farook H Naek, the counsel for Ashraf, requested from the court permanent exemption for his client during the course of the hearing.
Naek also reminded the court that former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had been exempted from personal appearance by the same court in the OGRA scam, therefore, he requested the court to accept his application.
He said his client has also served as prime minister and minister for water and power and he received security threats. Court accepted his application and adjourned the matter till March 7.
On January 17, the court had indicted Ashraf and seven others over their alleged involvement in the RPPs scam. Businessmen Iqbal Z Ahmed and M N Baig were cleared as the principal beneficiaries in the case. The reference charges Ashraf with misusing authority after obtaining approval in violation of PPRA rules. Former premier Ashraf had allegedly received kickbacks from nine rental power firms and awarded contracts to set up plants.


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