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ISLAMABAD: The third round of auction process for 3G and 4G spectrum licenses was underway on Wednesday while the conclusion of the second round witnessed an increase of $5.9 million in the bid of the fourth lot for 3G licenses, DawnNews reported.

The second round had begun with a two per cent increase in the bid price.

The third round of auction , which is currently underway, is considered as significant and may witness either the elimination or a win by the competing companies.

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr Syed Ismail Shah told Dawn that the first round of the license auction process had concluded with the four competing companies agreeing to the base price of $1.3 billion.

Initially, three 10 MHz 3G licences and two 10 MHz 4G licences were announced for auction but currently the auction for four lots of the 3G spectrum are underway.

The addition of another lot of the 3G spectrum license was made in accordance to a stipulation in the information memorandum for the spectrum auction.

The auction for the 4G licenses would take place after the completion of the 3G licenses.

The second and third rounds of the auction for 3G licenses, began with a two per cent addition to the opening price from the previous rounds.


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