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Islamabad – The Protection of Pakistan Bill 2014 formally came into effect on Friday after being signed by President Mamnoon Hussain. The new law, which sanctions the security personnel to shoot suspects on sight with the permission of a grade-15 officer, will be effective for two years. The bill has already been approved by both houses of parliament. According to the law, the security forces will have to seek permission from an official of law-enforcement agency or a police officer of grade-15 or above to shoot to a suspect on sight. The security personnel will also have to warn the suspect before opening fire on the suspect. In case of killing, a judicial inquiry of the matter would be conducted. In case of arrest, the security forces will have to produce the suspect before judicial magistrate and seek his remand. The security officials will be able to hold suspects for up to 60 days without revealing their whereabouts. The mobile phone records will be considered as acceptable evidence. The maximum sentence for terrorism offences has been increased to 20 years from 10. The law will be also applied to those involved in terrorist activities in any other country using Pakistan land. The new law also authorizes the special court to cancel the Pakistani citizenship of any person. – See more at:


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