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MIANWALI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif categorically denied on Thursday that Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have requested Islamabad to send Pakistani troops anywhere, SAMAA reports.

Talking to reporters, following a ceremony at M M Alam PAF base here, Sharif cleared that the government is not considering any proposal to send Pakistani troops anywhere.

The prime minister’s statement came after the rumors that dignitaries from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain during their recent visit to Pakistan have requested for troops for possible assistance to counter rebels in Syria.

“There is no such request before our consideration,” the prime minister explicated.

The prime minister said that the country is facing some serious challenges and that the government is working round-the-clock to resolve these issues.

“We don’t even have a single minute to waste,” he added.

Sharif praised Pakistan Air Forceto be one of the best in the world, adding the government is aware of the needs and requirements of PAF.


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