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PlayStation Now is set to launch this summer, the announcement of this service made quite an impact on CES 2014. PlayStation Now is a service that allows players to stream the last-gen titles to the PlayStation 4. Currently, very little information regarding the service is available.



PlayStation Now recently received a limited private Beta in North America and despite the No Disclosure (NDA) agreement, an image was leaked online which shows the titles that could be making their way to PlayStation 4 this summer and what will the service cost.


If the above image is to be believed, then PlayStation 4 players are very much in luck, as they will be able to stream few of the classics of last generation such as, Shadow of Colossus, The Last of us and Infamous 2.


This image does look legit, but it is just a leak though, you shouldn’t expect much from it. You can never be sure unless an official statement is made by Sony. The pricing shown is $49.99, which is presumably, for the year of PlayStation Now service.


However, this service as awesome as it sounds, it is not for everyone. It requires players to have a 5mb internet connection which is extremely expensive. Anyone who is willing to pay for 5mb of internet connection every month might not even have a problem buying the last-gen consoles as well.



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