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LAHORE: Former Punjab governor Ghulam Mustafa Khar’s son, Hussain Mustafa Khar is in the custody of the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Lahore since late Tuesday night on charges of an armed robbery.
According to police, Hussain stole an iPhone, Rs20,000 and an additional Rs5,000 using the ATM card of the complainant.
During a news conference in Lahore, DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf clarified an earlier report which claimed Hussain was kidnapped on Tuesday night.
“I want to clarify that he has not been kidnapped. In fact, he is in the custody of the CIA Lahore team on charges of an armed robbery. An FIR number 999, under section 392 of Pakistan Penal Code (robbery) has been lodged by the complainant, Muhammad Shahid Malik,” Ashraf said.
Ashraf lauded the CIA’s efforts and said that the accused were all from educated families and were indulging in these crimes for ‘adventure’ purposes.


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