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4J Studios has made a real name for itself since Minecraft made it onto the consoles. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 now have this amazing game and the fans are going mad for it.


It’s not been long since the 1.03 patch for the PS3 version, and already 4J Studios is planning to bring the TU14 update for the Xbox 360.


The studio announced this via Twitter and also teased the players about the Mooshroom plushies and how adorable they are. The tweet featured two images, each one a screenshot of the game – one thought to be Minecraft for the XboxOne and one for Xbox 360.


TU14 is approaching release now, and gamers are getting excited. 4J Studios plans to focus on Minecraft for the PS Vita, the Xbox One and the PS4 once the TU 14 is out.



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