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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is reviewing travel advice for Thailand, following reports of martial law in the politically turbulent country.

A Ministry spokeswoman said the Thailand Military have said there was no coup, and that the caretaker government remains in place.

“We currently advise that there is high risk in southern provinces and border regions and some risk to your security elsewhere in Thailand,” the spokeswoman said.

However this is being reviewed.

The Ministry said 990 New Zealanders were registered as being in Thailand, and they were advised to stay away from protests, demonstrations and large public gatherings.

“Thailand has New Zealand’s goodwill and support and we continue to encourage all parties in Thailand to resolve their political differences through peaceful democratic processes,” the spokeswoman said.

No requests for consular advice or assistance have been reported to the Ministry.

There has been six months of anti-government demonstrations aimed at ousting the government in Thailand.


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