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A group of Somali militants ambushed a bus in northern Kenya and slaughtered at least 28 people they believed to be non-Muslim.

Suspected members of the Islamist group al-Shabab stopped the vehicle in Mandera county, near the Somali border, on its way to the capital Nairobi.

Officials say the gunmen took the bus off the road and separated out the non-Muslims from among the 60 passengers on board, before killing them.

The assailants asked passengers to read out verses of the Koran before executing those who failed, one official told Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper.
The Kenyan interior ministry tweeted: “Bandits ambushed a bus from Mandera that was heading to Nairobi at dawn and killed 28 passengers of the 60 that were in the bus.”

Security agencies were “in pursuit of the criminal gang” that carried out the attack, the ministry added.

Kenya’s Red Cross said emergency workers were trying to retrieve bodies from the scene.

Somalia-based al-Shabab has carried out several attacks in Kenya since 2011, when the country sent troops to Somalia to combat the militia.


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