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Barely two months after 60 Kashmiri students were expelled from Meerut University for cheering for Pakistan team, three Kashmiri students from a private university in Greater Noida have alleged assault by fellow students, drawing a sharp reaction from the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister who said UP authorities should admit their “inability” or “unwillingness” to protect them.
A Kashmiri student, who is studying at the Nodia International University, said that a group of five-six drunk boys allegedly thrashed and abused them.
“They knocked at my door late night. When I did not answer, they barged in. They were five-six drunk boys standing outside. They started abusing us and then asked who amongst us were Kashmiris.
“When I told them that there were three of us who are Kashmiris, they started abusing us and thrashed us. This has happened before,” the Kashmiri student alleged.


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