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According to The New York Times, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha knew where the late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was hiding.
The newspaper alleges that a Pakistani official stated that United States had direct evidence about the ISI chief knowing Bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad at the time.
“He knew of Osama’s whereabouts, yes,” the official said.
According to an inside source of the paper, there was a special desk for the Bin Laden case at the ISI. The desk worked independently and was led by an officer who did not report to any higher authorities.
The New York Times also reported that the Pakistan government was providing a haven to the Taliban. Further, the newspaper alleged that former president Pervez Musharraf was involved in the conspiracy to remove Benazir Bhutto from power.
The paper also alleged that a former ISI chief and retired general, Ziaddun Butt said that he thought that former President Pervez Musharraf had arranged to hide Bin Laden in Abbottabad. However, he did not have any proof.


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