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Recent rumours pointed to Apple working on a large iPad-like device, however, many analysts have pointed that the speculations could possibly mean either a hybrid device or a more conventional product.

Market researchers have been trying to figure out what exactly the 13-inch ‘iPad Pro’ would appear like.

According to Cnet, a source with connections in the Asian supply chain said that there is an ‘internal debate’ as to whether the new product is ‘targeted for the notebook line, rather than the iPad line.’

However, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro is large by tablet standards and the South Korean company is also marketing a business-friendly tablet with a keyboard and mouse, which is a reason enough for Apple to be working on a hybrid device.

The report said that along with rumours about larger sized tablets and detachables, Apple is also speculated to be working on a more conventional 12-inch MacBook, the report added.


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