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Islamabad, Dec 1: Threatening the ruling PML-N, PTI chief Imran Khan said on Sunday that he would jam the whole country on Dec 16 if the government did not meet his demands of conducting a probe in last year’s general elections. Khan was addressing a rally on Sunday not far from the Parliament House, when he announced that he would jam three big cities- Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi and would then launch a countrywide strike.

He said: “I will go to Lahore on Dec 4, will then go to Faisalabad on Dec 8 and paralyse it and then I will go to Karachi on Dec 12. I will jam the whole country on Dec 16.” He added that he would continue to protest if the investigation was not over withing four to six weeks. He said that protesting was Plan C and that there was a Plan D in place, which would be revelaed post Dec 16. Clearing his stand on the protests, Khan said that he didn’t aspire to become the PM but merely wanted to put the electoral system in the right direction.


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