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As you have probably heard, Germany didn’t just beat Brazil at the World Cup yesterday, they destroyed/mauled/wrecked/insert past participle of the verb of your choice-d them, humiliating the host nation 7-1 in a historic ass-kicking for the ages.

World Cup Death Match: Who Wins the Battle Between Brazil and Germany?

How bad was it? Bad enough to turn all of Brazil into extras on The Leftovers, star players into blubbering lumps, and former WWE dramatist Jim Ross into a soccer fan (MY GAWD!!!) Germany’s 7 goals were the most scored against Brazil in an official match in almost 75 years. Their margin of victory was the largest against a host nation in World Cup history, and the throttling ended Brazil’s 39-year winning streak on home soil.

No wonder everyone was crying.

Words Fail Us.

Sometimes words aren’t enough. Which is why God made GIFs. Here’s just how brutal it was for Brazil.


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