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Islamabad- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that performance of diplomats is very important in relations with other countries as well as making Pakistan prosperous.
Addressing the concluding session of Pakistan’s ambassadors in Islamabad, he said envoys in other countries are like eyes and ears of the country.
The Prime Minister remarked that Pakistan is following a policy of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries particularly in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan is facing big challenges like terrorism, economic revival and energy crises. He said the government has evolved a comprehensive strategy to resolve all these issues. He said Pakistan wants to solve all issues including core issue of Kashmir with India through peaceful means.
The Prime Minister said that Pakistan has started efforts to give new shape to its relations with China, USA, Russia and European countries. He urged the ambassadors to work for improvement of relations with other countries and provide services to Pakistanis living abroad. Earlier, addressing the conference Advisor to PM on Foreign Affairs and National security Sartaj Aziz said the government attaches special importance to its relations with neighboring countries.
He urged the envoys of Pakistan in Middle East countries to work for enhancing trade and economic relations with these countries. Meanwhile, talking to the Iranian Interior Minister Abdolereza Rehmani Fazli in Islamabad today, the Prime Minister said Pakistan gives great importance to its relations with Iran. He said the two countries are bound by ties of religion, culture, history and geography. The Prime Minister said he looks forward to his forthcoming visit to Iran and meeting with President Rouhani.


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