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ISLAMABAD: The special court trying former president Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 for high treason...

Nadeem Malik Live – 18th February 2014 – Imran Khan Special Interview Nadeem Malik Live (Imran...
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Sawal yeh hai - 15th Feb 2014 by dm_522c09cf20d0a
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Live with Shahid Masood - 15th Feb 2014 by dm_522c09cf20d0a
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Samsung has launched a smartphone which allows users to control its 5in (12.5cm) screen using only their eyes. The Galaxy S4 follows on from...
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Liberal Pakistanis celebrate Valentine's Day every year despite opposition from religious groups. But some analysts say that Valentine's Day is more about Western consumerism...
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The Punjab cabinet approved the extension of the metro bus service to the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad in its recent meeting. When the PML-N...
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LAHORE: The Bank of Punjab, in two and a half years, has recovered around Rs4...
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KARACHI: For a consumer base as big as 190 million people with approximately 20 million broadband...


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امریکی عدالت نے گوگل کو اسلام مخالف توہین آمیز فلم یوٹیوب سے ہٹانے کا حکم دے دیا