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HUB: At least 35 persons were killed and several injured in a fierce collision among the three passenger buses and one truck at Bagar Nala near Gadani Mor on RCD Highway in the province of Balochistan on Saturday morning here, Geo News reported.

Eyewitnesses said that a passenger bus trying to avoid a ditch by taking a sudden shift on the RCD Highway led to this horrible collision among the overloaded passenger buses and the truck.

The situation turned all the worse as the smuggled Iranian oil, petrol and diesel kept on the rooftops of the passenger buses and the truck loaded with oil drums caught fire and most of the victims were charred to death, sources said.

Edhi Sources said that 35 persons died and several sustained injuries in this worst traffic collision among three buses and one truck on the RCD Highway.
The passenger buses were on way to Karachi from different parts of the province of Blochistan, while the truck was on way to Balochistan from Karachi.

Rescues teams and fire brigades arriving at the scene shifting the injured and the bodies of the victims to the nearby Jam Qadir Hospital and Karachi hospitals. Jam Qadir Hospital doctors said that a few bodies brought to their hospital were found charred and unidentified.


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